What's your Game Plan?

HIT RESET is dedicated “To you, the athletes of the Reset Revolution.” You’re the inspiration behind every pose and every page — this book is for you. I designed the Game Plan pages at the end of each chapter to empower you to make yoga yours — to spark the self awareness and knowledge that gives us the motivation to do yoga and to do it right. 

How to use these pages?

Your body is engineered for balance, so the choice is yours: tune in to what your body needs to sustain balance and respond accordingly, or tune out and your body will compensate for imbalance and sideline you eventually.

Learning how to tune in and understand what’s happening beneath the surface is what the self-tests in HIT RESET are all about, and the Game Plan pages are there to help you convert your awareness into action. Flip through book and find solutions that are relevant for you right now. Perform self-tests, jot notes, and create your unique plan. Use these tools to help you connect the dots of how to use yoga to achieve your unique and ambitious goals.

Here’s some common athlete probs — imbalances — along with how to use HIT RESET tools to solve them and make a lasting impact in sport and life…

Athlete: Runner
Problem: Booty lock

  • “Are Your Glutes Working Too Hard or Not Enough” Self-Test (Page 109)
  • “Where Do Your Hips Need Opening?” Self-Test (Page 122)

Game Plan:

Athlete: Cyclist
Problem: Low back pain

  • “What’s Going on Back there?” Self-Test (Page 90)
  • “Where’s Your Core Weakness” Self-Test (Page 37)

Game Plan:


Athlete: Swimmer
Problem: Overly mobile shoulders

  • “Where Are Your Shoulder Blades” Self-Test (Page 146)
  • “Where's your Core Weakness?” Self-Test (Page 37)

Game Plan:

Becoming aware of and addressing imbalance will help you work smarter, not harder. No one has time to do yoga they don't need — we hope this helps you use the book to focus your time on the mat and get real results.

We also have an easy to use video collection to guide you through each self-test. And remember, new users can redeem a free month of Jasyoga Video with code WIN2017 at video.jasyoga.com.

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