Use Yoga to Achieve Your Big Goals

If you’re like most athletes (or anyone), you’re more interested in achieving your goals than you are in yoga. Maybe rolling out a mat is on your list of New Year resolutions, or stretching more often is one of your 2017 goals, but why? You might have heard that yoga can help you, but the dots have to be connected. Don’t do yoga just to do yoga. Think about it in context of the big picture, what you’re working toward, whether it’s a 5K PR, improving your flexibility, or reducing stress.

It’s not just about doing yoga, it’s how you do it that matters. Practicing in a way that directly supports your unique and ambitious goals will optimize your hard work, rather than work against it. And, it’s that understanding about why we're doing something, and how that motivates us to do it, to do it right, and ultimately crush our goals as a result.

Think about how yoga fits into the big picture for you in the new year. How are you using Jasyoga to achieve your goals in 2017? Lead by example with #athletesforyoga.

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Erin TaylorComment