#HitReset at Work

Feeling frazzled at work? No surprise there — from heavy workloads to long hours at your desk, the workplace is one of the most common places to find yourself out of balance.

That's why we're heading back to work (literally) this fall with our Corporate Team Training — practical workplace yoga sessions designed to strengthen your team and optimize your performance at the office and beyond. The Jasyoga approach helps to reduce job stress, and also relieve and prevent the aches and pains that accompany all that computer time. Sessions are easily integrated into even the busiest of schedules, and leave employees feeling limber, relaxed, and productive.

Need some help convincing your boss that putting your Legs Up the Wall will optimize your workday performance? Tell them this:

Aetna research has shown that employees who practice yoga enjoy a 33 percent reduction of work-related stress, and studies report that each dollar spent on yoga in the workplace returns approximately $3 to the employer in saved healthcare costs.

Plus, we're offering half-off an intro session to new corporate teams who join our roster this fall.

So, posse up your work team and lets Hit Reset at your office.