New! Jasyoga Hit Reset Raglan

Oiselle Lux + Hit Reset = winning! When it came time to restock Jasyoga threads, we knew we wanted to partner with our apparel sponsor Oiselle to create a rad tee that you'd wear tons, from the sweatiest of workouts, to the chillest of recovery sessions, to running errands, to posting up at happy hour.

By now you've probably heard our call to Hit Reset — to use yoga to sustain balance. We hope the new, limited edition Hit Reset Raglan will serve as a potent reminder to pay attention to what your body needs and respond accordingly. Whether you're going hard or resting easy, this tee is ready to do work. Made from Oiselle's legendary Lux fabric (aka the runner's cashmere), it's unreal soft, but don't let that fool you — lux is a high tech fabric up to the task of wicking sweat no matter how tough the workout. 

We're so excited to get our Hit Reset Raglans in your hands. It makes a great gift, even (or especially) if the recipient is you. Limited quantity available so move quick!

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