The Weekly Reset: For the Crunch Junkies

We're kicking off a month of core work!

First thing's first: lets start crunching smarter. The fact is, none of us need help rounding forward, because we're already there. Most traditional core work (crunches in particular) further reinforces the floppy posture we already default to as a result of excess sitting, which  stiffens your chest, overstretches your upper back, and allows your core to go to sleep.

So to all you crunch junkies, if you must crunch, work from extension (back bend) to neutral, rather than neutral to flexion (rounded forward). In doing so, you’ll build more functional core strength that also helps to counter the demands of sitting. Here’s how:

Crunch Over Bolster

  • Sit down and place a bolster or a few stacked pillows/blankets just behind your butt (horizontally).
  • Bend your knees, put your feet on the floor, and lie back over your props — you should be in a pretty big back bend with your mid-spine on the props (adjust if needed).
  • Support the back of your head/base of your skull with your hands.
  • Engage your core and lift your spine up to neutral.
  • Lower to the start.
  • Continue, keeping your elbows wide/chest broad allowing your head to rest heavy in your hands so that your neck stays relaxed.

Keep working it with our new video, For Crunch Junkies...