Take your #flystyle on the mat...

I like my gear the way I like my yoga: functional. And, there's nothing less functional than tights that put my butt crack on display when I bend over to stretch my hammies — as someone who lives in stretchy pants, this booty is always at risk. So, I’m pretty psyched to report that the same threads that keep me running happy are also optimal on the mat. Meet Oiselle #flystyle...

Arm Warmers

You might call them arm warmers — I call them armpit sweat mitigation. (I'm also rocking the Strappy Bra and Joggings.)

Charcoal Joggings and Strappy Bra

Yep, these tights are rad for jogging, but I consider them my “Yogas." The zip pocket is on the side, so it won’t poke you during reclined poses, and the fabric is soft, wicking, and doesn’t pill. Plus, this combo keeps everything where it should be, literally — whether you’re going hard or resting easy.

Big O Hoodie

As you might be aware, I spend a lot of time with my Legs Up the Wall. There’s something about a hood that makes it cozier and quieter — aka more optimal for recovery. And, the pattern speaks for itself (effing awesome).

Runfinity Scarf in Feather French Fleece

Being still and slowing things down in your head for a few minutes each day is game-changing. It’s also way easier when you’re not cold, so I was psyched when I realized how awesome this scarf is for meditation. It also doubles as a little blanket for savasana aka the final relaxation pose. (PS this is on sale right now!)

I love that I can stay sporty and avoid looking sloppy even when I'm fresh off a #hitreset sesh, and that I don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. Also, my crack is safely out of view. Need a little more style inspiration? Head over to Oiselle's #flystyle gallery, where women just like you share their latest femme fierce picks, and you can even share your own. Before you start shopping, be sure to scroll to the bottom of any page on jasyoga.com for a sweet hook up…

What does your #flystyle look like on the mat?