Find Your Flow with Nike+ Run Club and Jasyoga

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Jasyoga is running back to Niketown Seattle — come find your flow with us...

Nike loves running and Jasyoga loves yoga. Since yoga will help make you a better runner, sounds like a match made in heaven to us.

We’ll be in the house on the first Tuesday of each month to lead pre-run Jasyoga Athletica, covering a variety of topics to help you strengthen your stride and prevent injuries.

Pre-run session is 6 – 6:20pm, then we’ll hit the road. Join us —

May 1 align your stride

June 5 relieve your IT bands

July 3 mobilize your hips

August 7 breathe deeper and run better

September 4 increase your pliability and cover ground

October 2 injury prevention for runners

Be sure to check back here the last week of each month, when we'll post dets about class the following week, including how each of these classes and themes will help you run your best.

Run Cub is for everyone — Routes range from a 2-mile power run to a long 8-miler around Lake Union. There’s no better way to hit the pavement on a Seattle eve than with the support of Nike’s pacers and local fellow runners, and no better way to take your running to another level.

Follw Niketown Seattle @NikeSeattle for updates and more...