Featured Athlete — Sally Bergesen, Oiselle CEO

Think you're too busy to fit yoga into your training schedule? Time to think more expansively. Sally Bergesen is living proof that anything is possible. The avid runner, mother of two, and successful entrepreneur (we mean runtrepreneur) may not have much time to spare, but finding time for yoga has helped her maintain balance in her active life. Jasyoga chatted with the CEO of Oiselle about her inspiration for founding the popular Northwest-based women’s fitness apparel line, her passion for running, and how Jasyoga has helped strengthen the athletic ladies of Oiselle — both physically and mentally.

First thing’s first, congrats on Oiselle’s 7th successful year in business! What was your inspiration for founding a company like this?

Oiselle was really a result of combining the two great loves of my life — running and design. My professional background was in marketing and branding for all kinds of companies so I have always been very tuned in to what a product should look like and accomplish. After having my kids, I went to a running store to try to pick out new workout gear and I was pretty disappointed in what was available — everything was baggy, unflattering and even uncomfortable. That’s just not how a woman should feel while running. I wanted to create clothing that would reflect the sense of empowerment that comes along with running. And so, Oiselle was born!

Along with being a runner and entrepreneur, you are also somewhat of a yogi. How does yoga tie in with everything else you have going on in your life?

I’ve found that yoga really ties into the sense of empowerment I try to foster in everything I do. To be the kind of runner I want to be, I know I need to care for my body and yoga really gives me the physical wellness and balance I need to feel as strong as possible. When I practice, that sense of tightness just melts away.

Jasyoga has been lucky to help the Oiselle crew "hit reset." What kind of benefits has the team felt since starting?

Many of us already did yoga on our own to some capacity, but Jasyoga seemed like a great thing that we could all do together to strengthen our bond as a team and help us in our sport. Generic yoga classes are good but I think we’ve all found that Jasyoga’s sport-specific approach has taught us unique stretches and poses that are directly beneficial to us as runners.

After a Jasyoga class, I really feel that extra push of energy and motivation to get me through my day, or my next workout, or whatever it may be. Yoga isn’t just another workout — it’s a real game changer.

That being said, what’s your favorite pose?

It’s got to be legs up the wall. And all the amazing hip flexor stretches. Anything that will give me relief after a long run.

Other than yoga, how else do you unwind?

Anything involving spending quality time with my family, whether it’s catching a Sounders game or getting away for the weekend. Any time spent with them is bliss.

Favorite post-workout snack?

Does coffee count?

Finish the sentence: When I run I feel _______ ...

Strong and free.

To those of you who are wondering, Oiselle (pronounced "wa-zell") means bird in French — Fly with Oiselle and shop our new fav running threads at www.oiselle.com.

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