Want to teach yoga to athletes?

Fall 2013 Jasyoga Coaching ClinicThe only Yoga for Athletes training in the NW

NEXT INFO MEETING When: Tuesday, August 13 5:45–6:15pm Where: Jasyoga outdoor studio aka across the street from Super Jock 'N Jill GreenlakeWhat:30-min Coaching Clinic info session/Q&A, feel free to stay after for complimentary outdoor class, 6:30–7:30pm

Whether you’re an athlete psyched about yoga or a yogi psyched about sports, take your practice and passion to the next level through Jasyoga’s Coaching Clinic — our yoga for athletes teacher training.

More athletes are turning to yoga to optimize their fitness, and they need practical solutions to address their specific performance, injury prevention, and recovery-related challenges. Jasyoga Founder and Head Coach Erin Taylor’s approach has been widely embraced by collegiate sports teams, elite runners, and active people of all kinds as an effective training supplement to make you a better athlete. The clinic is the only training of its kind in the Northwest region, and will prepare you to teach yoga to athletes in group and private settings, and integrate yoga into your own workouts and sports training. Upon successful clinic completion, trainees are eligible to apply for our mentorship program and open coaching positions on our team.

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About Jasyoga

Jasyoga is a revolutionary approach to yoga for athletes. Because frazzled is not fit, and being injured sucks, we teach sports and fitness enthusiasts of all kinds to use yoga to hit reset — to sustain balance — for optimal fitness. Our mobile team offers practical, solutions-oriented coaching for everyone from NBA basketball players to marathon runners in group classes, team training, and private sessions across Seattle.

About Team Jasyoga

Jasyoga is always on the lookout for new additions to our growing coaching staff. From NBA basketball players and university sports teams, to ultra-runners and weekend warriors, Jasyoga coaches are responsible for limbering up athletes throughout the Northwest, helping them recover, prevent injuries, and perform their best.

We’re a team of athletes passionate about teaching yoga to other active people. We love putting our legs up the wall, eating LUNA bars, and sharing our latest coaching tactics over a pint.

To apply for open coaching positions you must:

    • Have at least 2 years of yoga experience (prior teaching experience or a planned/completed RYT is an added bonus)
    • Complete the Jasyoga Coaching Clinic
    • Complete the Jasyoga Mentorship Program
    • Be passionate about keeping it real and making yoga relevant to your sports, and your life
    • Sports experience/athletic background, familiarity with Jasyoga, social media savvy, and flexible schedule are all added benefits

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