Keep crazybrain in check.

Hi, my name is Lulu Hays and I have crazybrain.

Maybe you know what I’m talking about… It’s that week I stayed late at work every day because, you know, all my projects just had to be perfect. It was yesterday when I decided, sure, after work I’ll just hit up Abby’s BBQ, Susie’s birthday party, and, oh yeah, squeeze in a run with Chris. And, speaking of running, it was that week I racked up mondo-miles because… well, just because.

These tendencies are no doubt influenced by perfectionism, anxiety, and fear of failure. Not to mention the notion drilled into my head for so many years as a competitive athlete that “If I’m not training, someone else is.” And, let’s be real, crazybrain does work — up to a certain point.

When I put in all those extra hours at my desk and in the lab I do get recognized for it. Heck, even promoted. And, attending every party or event I’m invited to pretty much ensures I’ll never be lonely or bored. And, all those extra miles will lead to blowing my PR to smithereens. 

But, what about that time I missed an important family gathering because I was stuck at work? Or, the time I overextended myself and didn’t have fun at the five different parties I attended last weekend because I was constantly running from one event to the next? Or that time I got injured. Oh, wait, the 50 percent of my running career I’ve spent injured.

So, how to keep crazybrain from getting out of control? How to use that drive in the time when I need it most and drop it when I don’t? For me, it takes an intentional slowing down — “Hitting Reset” as the Jasyoga OMies say.

Even just a five minute break between meetings at work to sit alone, be still, and slow down my breath kicks the crazybrain down a notch and helps me approach the day with more ease. Sometimes it’s just saying “no” to double booking the calendar or taking that rest day instead of the usual pavement pounding.

Keeping my brain from going down, down to crazytown is a constant work in progress. But, I work and run better and I’m more present for the people I care for when I take that time to Hit Reset.

Managing crazybrain — That’s what the Reset Revolution means to me.

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