Meet Team Jasyoga — Coach & Teacher Trainer Cicely Andree

As a multi-talented young athlete, Cicely spent her youth playing lacrosse, tennis, basketball, and running track — fueled by the competitive and often exhausting energy of her activities. Adding yoga to her routine seemed counterintuitive, yet when she rolled out her first mat as a college lacrosse player, she was instantly hooked.

As Cicely stepped away from athletics, yoga stayed. It became a place to explore movement and focus in a completely new way. It offered the consistency, challenge, and ease that her body needed to find that delicate balance between work and rest.

Cicely has been teaching yoga professionally since 2005. Her classes are grounded in the ideas of cause and effect — unique posture work and physical challenge. She aims to teach accurate, anatomically intelligent movements, tailored to help each individual student find their ideal flow.

In addition to teaching yoga, Cicely is a Licensed Massage Practitioner who specializes in injury treatment, deep tissue, prenatal/postnatal, and wellness/relaxation bodywork sessions. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Acupuncture at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine.

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