BTS with Erin Taylor: Core Videos

When I first started teaching yoga to athletes years ago one of the things that stood out was how difficult it is for even some of the fittest, most accomplished athletes to execute the most basic core stability exercises. And to be clear: by basic I don’t mean “easy.” I mean fundamental. Simple postures and movements that strengthen the engineering of your body.


I’ve come to understand that the body is engineered for Balance — it’s designed the way it is for a reason. You have curves in your spine that are there to keep you upright, and your core muscles are there to support those curves to optimize your posture. But most of the things you do, even so-called “core work”, create imbalances.

In reality, effective core work lives in this context — it must support your fundamental engineering. When you work in this way, the difference is undeniable. That’s why the Jasyoga core videos are strategic, highly contextual routines that are designed to strengthen your structure and stabilize your core for what your sport actually requires you to do — and add power to all your movement.

My invitation to you:

Do Jasyoga Core.
Feel the difference.

You, the Athletes for Yoga, are always the muse, the inspiration. I’d love to hear how you’re using the new core videos in your training and beyond. Lead by example with #athletesforyoga!

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Want the true BTS on how this collection got made? Here’s the yoga for real story. I had my second baby. It took way longer than anticipated to feel mentally and physically ready, and have bandwidth, to revamp Jasyoga’s core routines. After designing them in my head over a few months, I prioritized doing the work myself earlier this summer because I know that I can’t speak to the work in a real way without actually doing it myself.


After rescheduling the shoot literally 10 times mostly due to baby/toddler related dramas that I won’t bore you with (Thank you to my team for being so flexible!) we shot in London last month to work with beloved photographer Claire Pepper before I moved to California. Boom, now it’s yours!