Broga is back.

A few highlights from Broga 2013...

A few highlights from Broga 2013...

"I'm too inflexible to do yoga." Sound familiar? Not pointing any fingers, but this month we're bustin' that myth, bros.

Enter Broga — bros doing Jasyoga (no perceived flexibility required). November aka Movember is men's health month so don your stache, roll out your mat, and get limber with us! Just like when you lift weights you get stronger, when you practice yoga you'll become more flexible. And that increased range of motion, hOMeboys, will enhance and optimize your strength.

Lets see how you're getting your Broga on this month: Share your pics on Twitter and Instagram with #broga and tag @jasyogaseattle @jasyogalondon

Need a little more motivation? Come Hit Reset at Broga and Beer on Saturday, November 15, an all-levels, man-friendly sesh followed by Hilliard's tallboys and Picky Bars.

Also: Team Jas-stache is back and taking on the Mustache Dache on November 8 — an event that supports Movember, the international men’s health charity. Get your stache on and join us!

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