Behind the Scenes: Yoga for Triathletes

We introduced The Yoga for Triathletes Collection in April and have been thrilled to see how you're using the new video series in your tri training! 

We filmed this collection in London, but we wanted to bring the collection to life with real triathletes. So one rainy spring morning in Seattle we photographed three local triathletes in their natural habitat — training in the water and on land — to help connect the dots of how to use these videos for real in your training.

Read on for style notes from our studio shoot and meet the triathletes! 


Swim Styles: Oiselle
Run Styles: Oiselle
Cycle Styles: OMNIUM



Day job:
Mostly stay at home dad, part time physical therapist specializing in male pelvic pain and dysfunction, and part time sewing enthusiast of stretchy fabrics (Spandex by Jake). 

Years in triathlon:

How did you get started in triathlon?
Cross training from a running injury, my triathlon friends talked me into it. 

Favorite triathlon: 
Wildflower 1/2 Iron

How do you incorporate yoga into your training? 
I try to fit in when I can — very difficult with two small boys. But I know it's helpful because I'm so tight from swimming, biking, running, and carrying the boys around. 

Athletic career highlights:
44th at Ironman Canada, 6th in age group and qualified for Ironman world championships that year, 2007, which I completed and finished. Also competed at 70.3 worlds. All American runner at Penn State University. 2:36 marathon PR. 

What's next?
Trying to minimize DadBod. And get ready for a bike trip in France in September. 

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Instagram: @spandex_by_Jake
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Day job
Associate Controller at Seattle University
Years in triathlon:
12 years

How did you get started in triathlon?
I started running marathons (for fitness, the challenge, to be cool…? Who knows?!) the summer after my sophomore year of college and really caught the endurance bug. I ran dozens of marathons from 2002–2005 and I thought my next logical step would be triathlon. I bought a bike and started swimming laps at my gym and eventually finished two sprint triathlons the summer of 2005. After that, I started focusing less on running and more on becoming a good long course triathlete.
Favorite triathlon:
Ironman Coeur d’Alene, Ironman Hawaii, Challenge Penticton
How do you incorporate Jasyoga into your training?  
I use Jasyoga when I start to feel tightness or soreness during big training blocks. My hips and shoulders really start to feel neglected, tight, and restricted after lots of swimming, biking, and running miles. The 5-Minute Reset Collection is a great library for a quick fix after a long day of training. I also really like the recovery videos that allow me to do yoga on the couch.
Athletic career highlights:
1st amateur at Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2013, Professional Triathlete from 2014–2016, 4x Kona Qualifier, 7th place pro at Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2014, 9th place pro at Challenge Penticton 2014

What's next? 
I’m actually taking a step back from racing triathlon this year. I’ll likely do the Seafair Triathlon in July, but there aren’t any others on my calendar for 2017. I’m focusing on some running races for 2017 with Twin Cities marathon as the big “A” race. It turns out training for an Ironman isn’t conducive to running a fast marathon, so I’m looking forward to some good run training. I’m still riding my bike and swimming though — I think all three discipline, plus yoga, keeps me the most balanced.

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Day job:
Philanthropic Gift Officer at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Years in triathlon
I did my first Tri in the summer of 2010; 

How did you get started in triathlon?
After five years of running half marathons, my legs told me I needed to vary my activities. As a swimmer in high school, triathlon seemed like a natural transition.

Favorite triathlon:
Grand Haven Sprint Triathlon in 2013. Located down the street from my parent's house, it was fun to swim in then-chilly Lake Michigan, have friends join me for their first-ever Tri, and have my nephews and family there to cheer me on.

Athletic career highlights:
That's a tie between my first-ever full marathon (Chicago, 2009 with good friend Sarah "Mac" Robinson) and the 2016 Big Sur 21-miler along the California coast. At one point the first place full marathoner was coming up behind me since they started further south than us 21-milers. The pace car passed me but the soon-to-be winner took his time so, for a few blissful minutes, I enjoyed the cheers and got to pretend it was I who was #1.

What's next? 
Whistler Half Ironman in July 2017!

Big thank you to the triathletes, brands, and photographers (Claire Pepper in London, Hilary Dahl in Seattle) for making this collection possible! And high fives to you, the athletes who inspire everything we do. 

Keep sharing your journey with #athletesforyoga!