Be Healthy Without Being a Nut

Lauren Fleshman  is healthy, but she definitely keeps it real.

Lauren Fleshman is healthy, but she definitely keeps it real.

Aka eat right and still have a life! As per usual, Picky Bars is keeping it real with their monthly guest blog...

Health and nutrition are a big deal. We get one body and one chance to use it! The way we treat our bods each day directly affects how we feel performing and living. That being said, sticking to a hardcore diet or regimen can be difficult and create a lot of unnecessary stress, which we all know is not healthy. So, as part of our guest blog series for Jasyoga, we’ve got some tips on how to live a life that is nutritionally, mentally, and physically healthful in a way that is realistic and sustainable for the long haul!


  • Get to the grocery store. Spending your pennies on quality colorful food is an investment. Buy the healthy stuff that appeals to you, rather than something unappetizing only because you know it’s good for you. It will rot in the fridge.
  • Pack your lunch. It’s easy to get stuck in bad habits. Birthday cake for lunch one day, coffee for lunch the next day, etc. Once you get in the habit, you can churn out a packed lunch in less than five minutes every morning — not to mention the time and money you’ll save by not eating out!
  • Treat yourself. Think of the things that you can’t imagine cutting out and save them for special occasions. The whole idea here is to be healthy in a way that is realistic and sustainable. Bold statements like, “I will never again drink beer or eat chocolate” usually result in temporary changes.
  • Make a plan. Decide what works for you and stick to it. Don’t freak out if it doesn’t work out! Skipping a day of exercise actually will not kill you.
  • Take into consideration overall health. How much are you laughing? Meditating? Being thankful? Giving to others? Removing stress from your life? All these things contribute to overall health in a very significant way as well — It’s about more than just diet and exercise.
  • Find friends or groups to exercise and set goals with! Knowing that someone else is holding you accountable to show up for a trail run prevents you from hitting snooze on your alarm. And, you can share memories and talk about life visions with one another!
  • Pack snacks. Eating frequently during the day prevents peeps from binging later in the day, and helps control blood sugar and metabolism. Avoiding the extreme mid-day energy drops is always a good thing! Can I get a Picky Bar?!
  • Try something new! Does the idea of going running every single day make you want to throw up? Fair enough — everyone is a unique individual and likes different things. Try rock climbing, mountain biking, or yoga. There are dozens of new activities to try!
  • Don’t “save up.” Just eat when you are hungry. And then stop. It’s important to refuel after an intense workout and the more often you eat, the better your metabolism will run — it makes sense.
  • Try to always combine a carbohydrate with a fat or protein. It’s not rocket science! It’s easy! Just add something that isn’t a grain or starch to something that is.
Mel Lawrence  is running happy and healthy Like A Boss.

Mel Lawrence is running happy and healthy Like A Boss.

Lastly, remember to always enjoy your life! Try not to add all the extra stress that comes with trying to always be in control of what you eat. When you worry too much about it, you are taking away health from yourself in other ways. Try to think more of “big picture sustainable habits,” rather than wanting to quickly get in shape in the next month for swimsuit season. Love your life and yourself! Our bodies, hands, legs, heads, minds, and spirits are so wonderful and so capable.