Athletes for Yoga Videos Featuring Stephanie Violett

This March we had the honor of shooting three of Stephanie Violett’s Athletes for Yoga routines on location in Tacoma, WA with a rad team. Erin Taylor designed each of these routines exclusively for and with Steph, and now they are yours


When Steph reached out in fall 2016, there was an immediate connection. She embodies and exemplifies so many of Jasyoga's core values — she prioritizes recovery in her training, constantly works on her mind body connection, is patient and steady in her athletic pursuits, pursues balance in all areas of her life, and is highly invested in the process. You can truly see her love of the adventure and the journey guiding her career. 

Don’t be fooled though, while she loves the process she also delivers on race day. Steph is a gritty and unrelenting competitor, who admits to being stubborn and almost unable to DNF. Take The Western States Endurance Run last year, where she was in a medical tent at mile 48 trying to remain conscious and still finished that race on her feet 52 miles later in under 23 hours!

Steph needs no assistance working hard, but when it comes to recovery and hitting Reset she uses Jasyoga to maximize the recovery process that’s vital to remaining healthy, absorbing the hard work, and continuing her career. 


Our Athletes for Yoga Professional Team receives one-on-one coaching from Erin and customized videos. Erin and Steph developed these three routines to address Steph's specific requests including areas of the body focuses on based on the demands of her training, how much time she wants to spend, and more. This is how she uses yoga — for real — to optimize all her training and help her achieve her goals. She’s been using them since last fall and now you can follow Steph's lead!


Morning Warm Up Flow — Steph's full body morning warm up routine to wake up your breath, mind, and body, and to express gratitude for the day ahead.
Hip Maintenance — Steph's hip maintenance routine for optimal range of motion and fluidity to the hips and surrounding muscles. Use it to help you ease stiffness, muscular imbalances, and low back pain.
Post-Long Run Reset — Steph's post-run routine to ease lingering stiffness and tension throughout the entire body, and absorb all of your effort by optimizing the recovery process.

We hope you enjoy this addition to our Athletes for Yoga video collection and, as always, share how you're using Jasyoga with #athletesforyoga! 



Working with Steph was (no surprise) a complete blast. She's a true professional, and clearly knows these routines backwards and forwards! We also want to thank Amos Morgan Photography and his assistant for the day Matt Mornick, as well as Sarah Mac on creative lead and production, and GRLS Studio Tacoma for the great studio space. 

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