Athletes for Yoga in the Outdoor Studio

Hope you're enjoying your outdoor studio as much as we are this summer and using the new Fluidity and Strength routines. There's something about taking your practice outside makes it that much more enticing and rewarding. 

This week we asked our pros for their favorite outdoor studio poses and sessions. Get inspired!

Stephanie Violett | Ultra Running

I love doing Windshield Wipers in my yard in the sunshine after a run. 

Stephanie Violett: Ultra Runner

Stephanie Violett: Ultra Runner

Desmond Simmons | Basketball

My favorite pose to do outdoors is Standing Forward Fold. 

Michaela Copenhaver | Rowing 

I love to open up my sides right after a long row. I'll do a few big side bends right on the dock before I take my boat in. 

Michaela Copenhaver: Rower

Michaela Copenhaver: Rower

Andie Cozzarelli | Long Distance Running

Before and after my runs I love to do the Squat/Forward Fold Flow to get into my hips and hamstrings. 

Andie Cozzarelli: Runner

Andie Cozzarelli: Runner

Devon Yanko | Ultra Running 

My favorite outdoor studio pose is Windshield Wipers. I hit usually do a session after a lovely trail run through the woods, wherever there is no chance of lying in poison oak.

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