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We love hearing how Athletes for Yoga are using Jasyoga in their real life to move toward their goals. Gabrielle started using Jasyoga Video leading up to the Ottawa Marathon last year, and is now training for her (new) hometown 26.2, the Austin Marathon! Meet Gabrielle and hear how see incorporates Jasyoga into her training blocks and beyond. 


Who are you? 
I’m Gabrielle, a running blogger, writer, and teacher from NYC. I recently moved from London to Austin, Texas and just began training for my third marathon, the Austin Marathon.


When did you start running?
I grew up taking dance classes and was active but never played sports, and definitely never ran. I started running in 2008 when I was studying abroad in Bologna, Italy during college, because we didn’t have gym access, and discovered that I loved working out outside in the fresh air. I ran a few 5Ks over the next few years and then decided to sign up for a 10K when I was living in Italy again in 2012. (Endless days of delicious pasta and gelato was great motivation to get moving!) After that it was only a short time before I signed up for a half marathon, and I ran my first marathon in NYC in 2014.


What did you think yoga was before you tried it?
I thought yoga was only for super flexible people. Despite my background in dance, my hamstrings are very tight (since before I was a runner!) and I was intimidated by people who were very flexible and did all of the poses perfectly. Plus, I was so sore the first few times I tried it!

What were your ‘hang-ups’ around it, if any?
All of the time I had to commit to making it to a yoga class — and how expensive classes were.

When did you start Jasyoga?
I started doing Jasyoga while I was training for the Ottawa Marathon in 2016.

When did you find yourself convinced doing yoga actually made a difference?
By the time I ran the NYC Marathon in 2014, I did yoga about once a week during training, so I already enjoyed it and felt it was beneficial in combination with running. I started doing Jasyoga regularly when I was living in London last year and had registered for the Paris Marathon, but I got an IT band injury before I was able to start training. I was told it was due to weak glutes and tight hip flexors. It was very frustrating to not be able to run, but I committed to doing cross-training and stretching regularly. Jasyoga really helped me stay focused and centered during that time, and I definitely noticed a difference after a few months of strengthening and stretching consistently. 

You are training for the Austin Marathon on February 18, how did you use Jasyoga in your build up?
During my IT band injury recovery, I regularly did the glute activation video for strengthening, and the 5-Minute Hip Reset and 5-Minute Hip Flexor Reset for stretching. Even after I was able to start running again, I continued to do Jasyoga regularly so that I could (hopefully) keep any more injuries at bay. I wanted to stay strong for marathon training this time around... fingers crossed!

How are you using it now that you’ve started your official marathon training calendar?
I get very lazy about warming up and cooling down, so I try to begin and end my runs and bike rides with a warm up and a cool down video. I also continue to use the strengthening videos, like How to Activate Your Glutes and Plank Workout. They’re perfect when I’m feeling lazy about doing glute and core exercises! I love that there are so many short videos; marathon training can be so time-consuming that it feels like a chore to make it to a yoga class or a strength class in addition to all of the hours of running. But I can’t really come up with an excuse not to do a 10-minute Jasyoga video!


What are your favorite tips for incorporating yoga for real into your day-to-day?
The 5-minute reset videos are my go-tos when I’m having a packed or stressful day and can’t find time to do anything else. I try to remind myself that every little bit counts; even if I can’t devote an hour to a yoga class or even 25 minutes to a longer Jasyoga video, I can always find time for a 5-minute Reset.

Favorite Video?
5-Minute Hip Reset. I’m also looking forward to incorporating the 26.2 videos into my training for the Austin Marathon!

Favorite pose?


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