Athletes for Yoga Videos Featuring Alysia Montaño

Alysia Montaño is patient yet unrelenting in her pursuits, unapologetically optimistic, and a leader in her sport, committed to elevating her community. She is a student of her body, listening closely and following its lead. She’s the definition of an Athlete for Yoga. 


Connecting with Alysia was like connecting the dots. Our mission is to help athletes pursue their goals using the power of yoga. Alysia’s mission is to be balanced and at her best, on and off the track. It's time to let the athletes take the lead, and no one better than Alysia to toe the line.


I caught up with Alysia on a recent trip to Berkeley. She's strong, she's flexible, and she always brings the laughs! Her husband Louis filmed her doing key Jasyoga for runners routines at a local track where she often works out and the result is #yogaforreal at it's finest — real athletes showing how to use yoga to optimize real training, in real places, in the moments when we need it most. 

We’re thrilled to present our first Athletes for Yoga video series featuring Olympian Alysia Montaño! Hit these three new routines to make you a more balanced and resilient runner, and beyond:

  • Pre-Run Warm Up — a quick pre-workout routine to warm up your breath and key muscles, create fluidity through your hamstrings and hips, and align your stride for the miles ahead.
  • Core Strength — a quick routine to activate and strengthen your core muscles for running and beyond.
  • Hip Reset — a quick recovery routine to help you maintain optimal hip range of motion and ease stiffness, muscular imbalances, and low back pain along the way.

Thank you Alysia for your leadership! Keep up with Alysia at and @AlysiaMontano on social media. And big thanks to Louis Montaño and Montaño Media for bringing these videos to life! (Spoiler alert!) Stay tuned for more Montaño action in Work IN, my new book coming out in December!

Join us — lead by example with #athletesforyoga.