Athletes for Yoga: Beth Baker

Beth Baker has been a friend and inspiration for years. She coaches new (and not so new) runners in Seattle and if you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Beth, you know her infectious laugh, and have probably received an encouraging butt slap. We're so excited and honoured that she's an Athlete for Yoga. Get to know (and be inspired) by Beth! 


Okay, first things first, who are you? 
Well, hello there, I am Beth Baker, mother, runner, rocker, business owner, beer drinker, F bomb dropper, butt-slapper, donut consumer, and… oh yeah, I am a coach for new and not so new runners. I basically run and chat with people for a living. 

When did you start running? 
Running found me late in my 20s a little after beer found me. It took me a long time to get going, like, a really long time. But oh baby, when it hooked in, it had me. I quit my job, had a baby and started my company Running Evolution in one year. I really love running. 

When did you start Jasyoga? 
I started Jasyoga when I was I met Erin. She taught classes in town and my body loved it. I was thrilled when her online classes became available. It so easy and my body is so much happier when I keep up the practice. 

What did you think yoga was before you tried it? 
Honestly, I wasn't sure my body was ready for it. I thought my tight body was a permanent thing. I told myself, "Beth Baker, you were born with a lack of being flexible. Your mom couldn't touch her toes, my grandmother couldn't either, so neither can you." I was wrong and did not respect my bodies ability to adapt. 

What were your ‘hang-ups’ around it, if any? 
Honestly? Farting in public yoga classes. 

When did you find yourself convinced doing yoga (or Jasyoga ) actually made a difference? 
My whole body seemed to really love it. I felt more energy and all those sticky spots in my body that I was just living with, were gone. 

You just completed a marathon! Congrats! What # is this? 
I can't remember. Wait. Yes I can. It's number 10. I feel like I am done, cause I have run out of fingers to count them on. 


How do you use yoga in your training? 
I use it when I wake up to get my body ready for the day, in between runs to stretch it out and ready it for the next run, and at the end of the day to calm it down and recover. 

You’re crazy busy, and commuting at least an hour a day, coaching, training, momming…  how to do you fit your practice into life? 
I break it up in little, bit-size chunks. I get more of it then if I was to just worry about putting aside a whole hour, and then not getting it done at all. 

Favorite Video? 
I love, love, love the meditation videos. Erin is such a force of calm, and I can really focus my mind. 

Favorite pose? 
Definitely the poses in Full Body Reset. It's a one-and-done kind of pose which satisfies my efficiency tendencies. 


Favorite Erin quote?  
The words "booty unlock" makes me happy and it makes my booty happy too. 

What’s next? 
As far as Running Evolution's next steps, we are launching two HUGE endeavors: A certification program, and we are in the process partnering with potential Running Evolution Licensees. I want to make as many runners as possible, so we are taking on people to coach the Running Evolution way. This is where yoga comes in handy too. Doing big and exciting things is great, but terribly stressful and when my mind goes into overdrive, I have the tools to calm down and come back to my breathe, and just calm the eff down. Breathe in and out, and go kick some ass. 

Learn more about Running Evolution at and get virtual butt slaps from Beth @runningevolve.

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