Are you in da club?

Team Jasyoga has been Picky Club members for nearly two years now, and we can't think of anything better than a box of Picky Bars arriving on our HQ doorstep. If you're like us — aka always on the hunt for healthy snacks to mitigate relentless yunger (post-yoga hunger)/runger (post-run hunger)/hanger (general hunger-induced crankiness) — read on! Here's the latest from our Picky Bars OMies...

This club is rad sauce, ultra-fly, and benevolent. It’s where the cool kids hang out and everyone is invited to join. Are you in the club?

In an effort to create convenience, community, and door-to-door nutrition delivery, we created the Picky Club, a monthly subscription of Picky Bars delivered right to your doorstep! The Picky Club is especially close to our hearts because it allows Picky eaters to be part of a community — to be inspired by other clubbers and inspire those around you in the process. It’s all about living the #pickylife.

The Picky Club allows busy people and athletes to get their nutrition delivered each month. This way, athletes and picky eaters can always have good nutrition on hand. Once you sign up, you can pick your flavors and change them every month (if you would like). All the clubbers receive prizes, special deals, and the inside scoop — as well as free samples of new flavors, a t-shirt, and free shipping! We designed the club to be unique! We love the club so much that we made the bars much cheaper than anywhere else you can find them. Wahoo!

We invite you all to sign up for the club and give it a try. You don’t have to be an athlete — we think you're spectacular just for being you! We would love to encourage and inspire you and your people to get out and try new things and would love to see you pleasantly surprised by the results of going "picky."