April is for the Runners

Jasyoga Tri Photos 2017-112.jpg

Step aside April showers, this month it’s about the runners out there rain or shine. Spring is kicking off with two World Major Marathons (Boston AND London), and we’re ready to support and celebrate the runners toeing those starting lines and lining up everywhere.

This month, we’ll be spotlighting how Athletes for Yoga have been using Jasyoga in their Boston and London training blocks. And look for a special Boston contest with Sarah Marie Design Studio on April 5 & 6! Do not miss it!

Are you a runner (or know a runner) who's not using the Jasyoga library of 100+ strategic yoga for athletes videos? Time to make good on that commitment to recovery and see REAL results. Use code RUNNERSFORYOGA by Sunday, April 8 to start your free month! 

C'mon April, let's run it! Check out our favorite Resets for runners below, including tons of awesome blog content. And share your journey with #athletesforyoga.