How to Compete to Win

When it comes to goal setting, Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas are experts, on paper and in practice. Both are decorated runners who competed at a high level for years (Lauren is a World Championship 5k runner, Ro is an Olympian Steeple Chaser). Both have psychology backgrounds (Ro is a practicing Sports Psychologist). Both attribute their career breakthroughs to mastering the art of belief. And both believe in the transformative power of goal setting, and succeeding while honoring the journey.

We’re so lucky these muses have captured the passion of their minds and hearts in their new book Compete Training Journal, a follow up to their popular Believe training journal that's designed to help athletes of all levels up their competitive game while developing a positive relationship with competition. The stories, lessons, and inspiration in this diary are relevant to sport and life, applicable to everything from training for a 5K to making business decisions.

Sometimes the hardest thing about goals is making them. Not dreaming of them, that’s easy — but actually making tangible, quantifiable, and attainable goals — bringing them from dream world to real world.

One of the pitfalls of not succeeding in a running or sports goal is that we believe the goal only lives in the dimension of your sport. In the real world, even a pro athletes aren't just athletes, they are a whole person — they are balanced. Because a goal doesn’t exist in a bubble. Compete offers a holistic approach to goal setting. It connects the dots between all facets of growth in your life. It helps you not just to see this connection, but to feel it, so that you’ll not only be more likely to reach your goals, you’ll be more fulfilled by the accomplishment — it will be a big Win. This is true regardless of your sport or level of competition, or whether you even consider yourself an athlete.

Goals aren’t just boxes to be checked, they are the journeys that make us who we are.

How do you use journaling to help you achieve your goals?

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