3 is the magic number...

side plank

It’s a new month, and as Jasyoga approaches its 3rd birthday, we’re celebrating the three key benefits that have ignited our Reset Revolution.

In your sport and in your life, this practice is designed to help you:

1. Recover

2. Prevent Injuries

3. Perform

We’ll be blogging about these benefits all month long. This sweet trifecta will help you create and sustain balance — and that, friends, is where optimal experience lives. When you're balanced, you’ll feel your best and play your best, no matter what the task. Balance is the new beauty, the new optimizer.

So, ask yourself: Which benefit are you missing out on? Are you frazzled because you’re failing to recover? Are you struggling with injuries? Are you under-performing?

Be honest. And resolve to find your own personal reset button this month — because using yoga to bring yourself back into balance is what we mean when we say "Hit reset."

We’re here to help…

Please visit www.jasyoga.com/maygameplan for our May schedule and events — including new classes and our June 1 party!