2018 — Oh Baby, What a Year!


Last year was the birthday of my second book, Work IN, and this year was the birthday of my second baby, Theo! Not sure which I’ve lost more sleep over but both have reminded me what a powerful tool yoga is for meeting and overcoming whatever comes at me in sport and life.

Personally, 2018 has been a year of slowing down and focusing on what is most important. It’s been about cutting through the clutter and chaos and getting right to the heart of it. This has meant knowing how to prioritize and be aware of what’s needed in any given moment both on the mat and off. More important, it’s been about being willing to take action accordingly.

This has been equally true for Jasyoga as we’ve moved closer to what we’re really about — you, the athletes! We’ve taken a step back this fall to survey the landscape of training for athletic pursuits and have been busy creating more practical, impactful ways to use yoga to navigate your journey and achieve your goals — look out for exciting new tools and content coming in 2019!

In the meantime, we’ve signed inspiring new pros, launched new videos inspired by and featuring athletes, and loved every minute working with all of you longtime believers and new members of our community, the Athletes for Yoga.


BEST OF 2018

Most loved Real Food with Steph Recipe: Banana Pops

Most used Jasyoga Video: 5-Minute Hip Reset

Most read blog: Real Food with Steph: Q&A

Most useful Pro Tip: Legs Up the Wall


We signed four new Athletes for Yoga Pros — and they all had a killer 2018! Seriously inspiring.


Ted Treise — Triathlon

Went from amateur to pro this year! And WON the Ironman Waco 70.3 outright. Boom.


Michaela Copenhaver — Rowing

Competed in Rowing World Championships in Bulgaria!


Desmond Simmons — Basketball

His team, Marin Ence Peixe Galego, closed out a perfect season with a European Pro Basketball Championship title.


Andie Cozzarelli — Distance Running

Dropped her marathon time by over 12 minutes since December 2017 and is narrowing in on her second OTQ in the marathon.



We also launched Stephanie Violett’s Athletes for Yoga videos and it’s one of the most popular collections on Jasyoga Video! No surprise there. Steph also invited us into her kitchen again with __ new recipes and our top read blog this year, a nutrition based Q&A with her.

Along with the highly popular Stephanie Violett Collection we launched Hip Sessions, Work IN videos, and Yoga for Pregnant Athletes.

More soon!

We’re following your lead and can’t wait to see where Athletes for Yoga go in 2019. Always cheering for you!

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