2017: The Year of Athletes for Yoga

2017! So much gratitude for all the adventures and growth of this year. It’s thrilling that what I’ve been working on all year is here: Work IN! The book writing process is not for the faint of heart, but what is here is so important it was a honor to bring it to life. 

But Work IN wasn’t everything that I feel immense pride in and gratitude for! Come along for the quick highlight reel of 2017, and thank you for being here every step of the way. None of this would matter without you, the Athletes for Yoga!



This year more than ever I really wanted to make it about the athletes. I wanted to connect the dots, to show athletes what Jasyoga is all about, which is athletes. This is not just another workout, it’s not a box to check. It's about real athletes using yoga for real to help you achieve your unique and ambitious goals. It's about empowering yourself and other athletes to lead by example.

The biggest win here was hearing from Athletes for Yoga and connecting with our tribe! Stephanie Howe Violett joined the team this February, and we’re still pinching ourselves. She is the definition of an Athlete for Yoga, and has been an absolute joy to have on the team. If you haven’t checked out her Real Food series on Jasyoga blog, it’s a must read/make! Pro runners Kara Goucher, Alysia Montaño, Devon Yanko, and sisterheros Sarah Mac and Beth Baker, and many more have also told their Athlete for Yoga stories on our blog this year. And to all the athletes we've gotten to know on social media and beyond: you are our muses!

As always join us by using #athletesforyoga!




We launched six(!) new collections of videos — the most popular being The 26.2 Collection and the most exciting being our first Athletes for Yoga videos led by Alysia Montaño! We also launched How To, Yoga for Triathletes, Yoga for Mamas, Yoga for Stroller Running (free), and added videos to Recovery, Yoga for Cyclists, and Yoga for Runners Collections. Our library is now over 100 videos and I love seeing how all the Athletes for Yoga are using them! Keep your requests coming!




Ahh Work IN! Sharing this book with you is a dream come true. It was literally all the adjectives bringing this to life, but the most inspired weekend was shooting in Berkeley with Alysia and Lou Montaño. I’m super proud of the team behind this project, including VeloPress, Claire Pepper, the Montaños, Sarah Mac, and a huge thank you to my family for their ongoing support (especially my toddler Rose for napping like a champ this year so I could write/edit). Go BTS here!




Magical doesn’t come close to describing this weekend. Lauren Fleshman has created something so unique, important, and inspiring — I was honored to contribute. I led yoga for the weekend and was covered in goosebumps the entire time, despite the summer heat. Chills! Read the full recap here and look for Jasyoga there next summer. 

Also big shout out to Jess Barnard for these amazing shots. 



This year we also refreshed the home of Jasyoga, jasyoga.com, with the goal of creating easier video access, highlighting Athletes for Yoga, and making a more comprehensive resource for you for your training and life! I hope you love it.

Now onward, 2018! Cheers to you — the athletes! Keep leading by example and elevating yourself and all the athletes around you.

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