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Ever wonder why we're always telling you to put your Legs Up the Wall? Whether you’re an athlete psyched about yoga, or a yogi psyched about sports, your chance to learn the magic behind this athlete fave and many more is coming up Saturday, August 9 at our Yoga for Athletes Clinic in Seattle!

By popular demand, we've condensed our 3-day Clinic into a 6-hour intensive that will help you learn to think critically about specific-use yoga solutions, and give you tools to help you grow as an athlete, yoga practitioner, and coach.

You will learn…

Via lectures, practice, critical thinking exercises, and group discussion, we will explore:

  • Benefits: how yoga will make you a better athlete
  • Approach: practical yoga solutions for athletes aka "Keeping it Real"
  • Sequencing: how to plan relevant, effective classes for jocks

The Clinic includes…

  • 6 hours of training in a small-group setting
  • Lectures
  • Practice
  • Critical thinking exercises
  • Group discussion
  • Clinic handout and worksheets
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Support from Erin and colleagues
  • Upon successful Clinic completion, trainees are eligible to apply for Jasyoga Mentorship and open coaching positions on Team Jasyoga

Refer a friend/teammate/colleague and get $25 off your tuition... posse up!

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