Pro Tip: Get More from Core

Ready to optimize your core work? Get real about the engineering of your body and work from neutral. But how do you know you’re working from neutral? The body easily forgets where center is, so use this Pro Tip to find the right position and maximize every minute on the mat.

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New! Core Videos Are Here

Your core is your powerhouse. It moves you forward, stabilizes your spine, protects you from injury, and so much more. And when we train it in a way that supports the engineering of our bodies, it makes everything work better — kind of like an internal connecting of the dots. It lights us up from the inside out.

Meet our new core videos!

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Andie Cozzarelli's Mental Training

This Saturday at 7:45am in Duluth Minnesota Andie Cozzarelli will line up for Grandma’s Marathon. She’s been here before, but this time her mindset is completely new. She’s been training her mind just as much as her muscles and she’s been recovering as seriously as she does mile repeats. And no matter the time on the clock or the place by her name, she’s way ahead of where she’s been.

We got the details on her new philosophies. Enjoy our talk with Andie!

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Win 2019 with the Jasyoga App

ICYMI, the Jasyoga App is now live on iOS and Android! We’re thrilled to see so many athletes downloading, practicing, and leading by example as they use yoga to make progress toward their goals this year. Boom — lets do this!

Here’s 3 ways to use the Jasyoga App to help you win 2019!

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2018 — Oh Baby, What a Year!

Last year was the birthday of my second book, Work IN, and this year was the birthday of my second baby, Theo! Not sure which I’ve lost more sleep over. But I’m so thankful to all of you for coming along for the ride, and using yoga to chase your own goals. 2018 was a year to be remembered and celebrated thanks to you!

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7 Days of Letting Go

2019 is knocking! It’s time for 7 days of letting go to help you gain perspective, let go, and create more space for the new year on the horizon. Day 1 is Monday, December 24 — Join us!

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Game ON, Off Season

Three athletes for yoga, three very different sports, but all believe in the power of an off season. We talked to ultra runner Stephanie Violett, rower Michaela Copenhaver, and triathlete Ted Treise about why they schedule an off season, how they use it, and why you should, too!

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