Work IN 28 | Feel It — Be It

The final week! High fives on laying a strong foundation for your work IN so far. Your sessions are becoming more effective. This week is about feeling the sensation of recovery and the accompanying ease, knowing that the more spacious and restful you feel, the more you are in fact recovering. You'll create a more tangible, tactile quality to your practice with this week's techniques. Here we go!

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Work IN 28: Andie Cozzarelli

Andie Cozzarelli is a professional runner for the Oiselle Haute Volée team. She's a 2:38 marathoner, and qualified for the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon. This year one of Andie's big goals is to use Work IN to inform her recovery and mental fitness. She's been following along with all of you on the #workIN28 plan this February, and we're excited to check in with her! 

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Work IN 28 | Be Consistent

Week one of #workIN28 is done! On to week two. This week is about creating consistency. You'll set aside the same amount of time at the same time daily to help build the habit and solidify it as part of your routine, so you'll do the same meditation and yoga pairing every day. By the end of the week, working IN should be like brushing your teeth — a daily given rather than another to do. Let's go!

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2018: The Year of #myworkIN

What if you treat recovery with equal importance as you do your workouts and value it as just as productive? Imagine how great your body will feel when you actually absorb all your effort by recovering for real, rather than being perpetually oversaturated with the stress of your training. More important, imagine all the Wins that will result. 

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Work IN is Here!

It’s here! Work IN has officially arrived and is shipping TODAY! Big thank you to everyone for preordering the book — it will be in your hands shortly. This book is dedicated to you, the athletes. I know the practice of Working IN is going to change the way you recover and give you the edge you’ve been looking for. 

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Jasyoga Gift Guide 2017

Use the season of gift giving as a time to honor the ones you love while shopping small brands you believe in! Game changer. Our gift guide for 2017 to help you support the dreamers and makers this holiday. 

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