Retired pro runner, co-founder Picky Pars, Oiselle parter + coach
USA 5000 meters champion 2006 + 2010 | 7th in the World Championships 5k 2011
Oregon, USA


Lauren is a powerhouse and an endless resource of inspiration in sport and life. She just retired from a highly decorated running career, is author of the popular Believe training journal series, and lead coach to Oiselle's Little Wing training group in Bend, Oregon. 

We were honored to feature her in HIT RESET book. She embodies the mindful pursuit of passion, and the endless flexibility needed to strive for balance. 

In August 2017, Erin was thrilled to be a part of Lauren's Wilder Running retreat as camp yoga coach in the woods of Bend. 


“In my approach to coaching Little Wing, I emphasize the importance of purposeful training rather than hard training. We have moments we smash ourselves, moments we regenerate, and moments we go with the flow. Erin at Jasyoga has been a valuable consultant for me in incorporating yoga in purposeful ways for the women I coach. Her video bank provides a choose-your-own-adventure style of recovery yoga that is perfect for athletes. I encourage the women to choose the videos that help regenerate the areas of the body that are under more strain on the day. If we work the hips and glutes a lot in the gym, we may use the hip openers. If we are neuromuscularly drained from lots of technical work and VO2 sessions that push close to max effort, we may use more overall regenerative sequences. There's something for every purpose an athlete could need, in session times that make sense for athletes who want the benefits of yoga without adding the time commitment of a whole other sport/practice. ”

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