ANDIE Cozzarelli  

Pro Distance Runner
2x10k All-American at NC State | 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier | 2016 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Winner (Debut Marathon) 
North Carolina, USA


Andie is a distance runner for Oiselle, Generation UCAN, and the newly founded Raleigh Distance Project. She grew up playing soccer but her over-competitive spirit made running a perfect fit. She didn’t part from soccer until she graduated from high school and moved on NC State where she was a 10k All-American. After graduating her debut marathon of 2:38:49 was good enough to win the 2016 Monumental Marathon and qualify her for the 2016 Olympic Trials. 

Her career has had many ups and downs but she credits the path she’s taken with where she is now. The rough patches have shown her she’s tough. Her big goals include a 2:30 marathon and full funding for the Raleigh Distance Project to support more aspiring women. 


"Being an athlete means that I am pursuing my passion and using my abilities to help others along the way. As an athlete I have the power to impact others in a powerful positive way and that’s why I love it so much."

"I use Jasyoga to aide in my recovery. I know how to work hard and push my body to its limits but I haven’t mastered the recovery piece. I have been using Jasyoga for meditation, relaxation, and to loosen up areas my PT and I have pinpointed as needing work."

"I plan to use Jasyoga more consistently pre and post-run. In college we had a full warm-up routine which I have neglected since graduating since I don’t have as much time. The quick routines are an easy addition and super beneficial."

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