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Whether you’re an athlete psyched about yoga, or a yogi psyched about sports, take your practice and passion to the next level with our Athletes for Yoga Clinic — the only yoga for athletes teacher training on the west coast. More athletes are turning to yoga, yet few sport-specific solutions exist. The Jasyoga approach has been widely embraced by professional, collegiate, and everyday athletes, as an effective solution to become more balanced and resilient.

This dynamic introductory training in the practical application of yoga for athletes will help you learn to think critically about specific-use yoga solutions, and give you tools to help you grow as an athlete, yoga practitioner, and coach.

You will learn:

Via lectures, practice, critical thinking exercises, and group discussion, we will explore:

  • Benefits: how yoga will make you a better athlete
  • Approach: practical yoga solutions for athletes
  • Sequencing: how to plan relevant, effective classes for jocks

The Clinic includes:

  • 6 hours of training in a small-group setting
  • Lectures
  • Practice
  • Critical thinking exercises
  • Group discussion
  • Clinic handout and worksheets
  • HIT RESET book
  • Support from Team Jasyoga

All levels of yoga experience and different sport/specific activity interests welcome.

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“The Clinic exceeded my expectations! I learned so much truly valuable material to take back to my sport and life.”

– Runner


“This Clinic experience was awesome. I learned SO much and really appreciate your coaching and leadership. The facilitation of our sessions was very well done.”

– Yoga Teacher

“The format was great. The language in which it (the manual) is written is very accessible and applicable to how we naturally speak to/relate to other athletes — awesome! Also like the quotes and real examples.”

– Swimming Coach & Aspiring Yoga Teacher

“The questions (we covered) helped me think about specific muscles used in different sports and helped me to breakdown what's going on in the body. I LOVED practicing as well — it helped my kinesthetic learning.”

– Runner & Aspiring Yoga Teacher