Introducing Work IN

I'm thrilled to introduce you to Work IN! The book starts shipping in December 2017, but when you preorder I'll send you exclusive gifts including a guided audio meditation from the book and limited edition swag. Read on for more details and the inspiration, contents, athletes, and team behind Work IN!

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Athletes for Yoga: Beth Baker

Beth Baker has been a friend and inspiration for years. She coaches new (and not so new) runners in Seattle and if you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Beth, you know her infectious laugh, and have probably received an encouraging butt slap. We're so excited and honoured that she's an Athlete for Yoga. Get to know (and be inspired) by Beth! 

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Jasyoga Pro Tip: Tame Your Taper

If you’ve got a race on the calendar this fall, it’s nearly time—taper time. It can be a confusing space to navigate, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of throwing a taper tantrum, embrace this critical time to wind down your workouts and gather your energy and strength for competition. We'll help you shift your focus to recovery so that you can fully absorb all of your hard work with this easy routine!

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Athletes for Yoga Videos Featuring Alysia Montaño

Alysia Montaño is patient yet unrelenting in her pursuits, unapologetically optimistic, and a leader in her sport, committed to elevating her community. She is a student of her body, listening closely and following its lead. She’s the definition of an Athlete for Yoga. 

Join Alysia for three new Jasyoga videos — a pre-run warm up, a core strengthener, and a hip Reset — to make you a more balanced and resilient runner, and beyond!

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Ready — Set Goals

The unofficial last weekend of summer has passed. Take this seasonal shift as a cue to map out your autumn goals. We've created a quick goal setting exercise and sample game plans using common goals (based on community conversation) to get you started. 

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Recovery Favorites Redux

You can’t absorb hard work with more hard work. Enter, Jasyoga Recovery videos. We designed these routines years ago to help athletes recover for real to optimize their training and results. With this focus, we recently went back into the studio to reshoot some of our subscribers’ favorite Resets with improved videography and sound. Plus some bonus stretches! It's recovery redux! Check it out...

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Stephanie Howe Violett Talks Western States 100

Stephanie Howe Violett won her WS100 debut in 2014, this year she returned after a long road of setbacks, detours, and growth to endure a hard race. She said after, "... an easy day pales in comparison to a day like this. And when everything falls apart and yet you find the strength to continue... THAT is success. And it's tragically beautiful." We were honored to interview Stephanie about this year's race — it's a conversation you'll leave inspired...

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