Erin Taylor

Founder & Head Coach

“As the pace accelerates in sports, at work, and in life balance has become more elusive — and endeavoring back toward it has become more revolutionary.”

As a collegiate basketball player, Erin thought yoga was boring at first, time that could be better spent on the court or in the weight room. It wasn’t until she was sidelined by a spinal injury from overtraining that she discovered that there is a path of less resistance. Yoga was the “Reset” that helped her to bring things back into balance and, although no sport-specific yoga solutions existed at that time, she quickly realized what a powerful tool the practice is for optimizing athleticism and maximizing potential in all aspects of life.

Erin is the author of HIT RESET and, over the last decade, has evolved Jasyoga with the goal of helping people to redefine and sustain balance in order to close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Now running in the U.S., the U.K. and our video platform, Jasyoga has been widely embraced by athletes ranging from recreational to elite, and can be configured to help anyone achieve their sports and fitness goals. Getting practical, impactful solutions into the hands and hearts of as many people as possible remains Erin's mission. And to keep it real along the way.

Now based in London, Erin splits her time off the mat between running at her beloved Green Lake in Seattle, and Regent's Canal in London. Follow her for behind the scenes action on Twitter and Instagram @erinjasyoga.

Anna Radford

Sporting Director + Coach

"How you handle challenges on your mat is a reflection of how you approach tough situations in life. Like all things, it requires practice. Yoga has allowed me to hone those skills."

Having grown up living the athlete life in the Pacific Northwest — soccer, basketball, softball, biking, skiing, crew — Anna's realization of the mental and physical benefits of yoga came later in life. It wasn't until she was working for an architecture firm in Bellevue that she began to reach for her mat more frequently as a way to bring things back into balance. After completing her initial teacher training at the University of Utah, Anna spent the spring of 2014 sailing across the Pacific Ocean from Mexico to French Polynesia.

Through her life and travels she has learned how to use her breath to feel at ease, while strengthening her body and bringing calm to her mind. Now more than ever, she uses her time on the mat to find balance while raising her new baby boy.

Bree Dillon

Head Coach, Seattle

“Explore breath, deep and nourishing. Explore movement, full and intentional. Explore being, peaceful and present.” 

Like many people, Bree first rolled out a yoga mat for the physical challenge, and it wasn’t long before she started to see her performance in other disciplines excel — she became stronger in the weight room, a faster runner, a more efficient swimmer, and a more agile outdoor explorer. In addition, yoga was the only place where she was encouraged to bring her whole self — body, mind, and spirit — to take on challenges.
She dove into teaching for many reasons: to facilitate self-care, maximize potential, and debunk myths that people have about themselves (such as “I can’t do that.”). Her goal is to help her students discover unrivaled balance in body and mind. 

Brianna Sweeney


“Yoga can be a workout, a meditation, a recovery, an energizer… it can be anything you want it to be. I like it because it makes me feel that very same way — flexible and open to everything.”

"B" first discovered yoga while rehabbing a serious knee injury at age 16. The practice not only aided her recovery, but also sharpened her mental focus and increased her endurance for soccer, basketball, powder days in the mountains, and long morning runs. Now a four-year Jasyoga veteran, the former UW soccer player, world traveler, and ocean lover has witnessed the powerful effects of the practice over time. B is an energetic go-getter and good juju machine, but has realized that you don’t always need to work harder to achieve more success — you just need to be more efficient by wasting less. Most importantly, B keeps it real: she'll encourage you to "treat yoself" with post-sesh donuts or beer.

Hilary Dahl 


“It's all about balance: match strength with agility, stability with mobility, and effort with ease.”

Hilary is an avid skier, biker, hiker, and runner. Her love for these outdoor sports has taken her on many challenging adventures, including backcountry skiing, multi-state bike tours, and marathons. After suffering from a stress fracture in her lower back from rowing crew, she enlisted yoga for pain relief. It worked. A consistent yoga practice has helped her remain injury free by honing her body awareness and strengthening her core muscles.
Hilary’s practice continually challenges her to slow down and explore intentional movement. She believes that focused breathing is a powerful tool that can help any athlete meet strenuous physical and mental challenges. Her yoga classes create strength, stability, mobility, and relaxation.

Alison Marra


“It’s important to work hard and challenge yourself, but taking time to restore is of equal importance. Slowing down gives your mind and body the break and nourishment they deserve.”

With a background in movement as a competitive gymnast and dancer, Alison felt an instant connection to yoga when she discovered the practice during her college years. She found yoga to be a stimulating and unique form of movement that allowed her to breathe and de-stress.

For nearly a decade, Alison has helped guide countless people back toward balance, and brings a clear understanding of the demands of all different sports and fitness modalities. She continually expands her depth of knowledge and holds certifications in Barre Method, Indoor Cycling, and Yoga Sculpt, and is currently studying to take the NSCA Certified Personal Trainer exam.  

With no shortage of athletic prowess, when she’s not in the studio, you’ll find Alison busting moves on paddle boards and beyond.

Kayla Robertson


"Each time you allow yourself Hit Reset, you give yourself the opportunity to reach higher, think more clearly, and function with ease."

Kayla is constantly pursuing challenge and adventure. As a lifelong athlete, she’s enjoyed various sports and ran on the track team at Seattle Pacific University where she competed in the 400m hurdles before transitioning to the 3k steeplechase. She first took up yoga with her teammates her freshman year, and quickly realized its mental and physical benefits in sport and beyond. As a competitive person, it was difficult to let go and relax at first, but yoga ultimately improved her focus and running at race time. 

Now, Kayla rounds out her passion for running with open water swimming, triathlons, and weight lifting—and of course, yoga—and her life as a PE teacher and cross country & track coach keep her busy. She’s passionate about yoga for athletes because she wants all athletes to benefit from the practice’s mental and physical recovery, injury prevention, and improved performance benefits.

Lulu Hays

Jasyoga for Runners Coach

"Yoga makes me feel like I have a secret weapon."

Lulu fell in love with running as a freshman on the Garfield High School Cross Country team. The feeling of flying over the pavement and fresh air in her lungs invigorated her like nothing else and eventually led to successful college cross country and track careers at UC Davis. While heavy training and high mileage was necessary for performance, inconsistency in balancing work with recovery resulted in spending about half of her competitive years sidelined by injury.

Lulu discovered Jasyoga post-college and immediately felt a connection to the “Hit Reset” philosophy, recognizing it as the missing link in all of her years training as a runner. Since then, yoga has had a profound effect on her running and her mindset, while helping her to prevent injuries and calm her mind. Lulu wants to continue to run for the rest of her life and she believes yoga is the key to sustaining the activity she loves — she brings this passion and her unique athletic perspective to all her classes.